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Why Outsource?

The business of running a medical practice grows more difficult every day. The goal of providing superior healthcare remains constant, but your staff 's time is pulled in multiple directions as they care for patients, answer phones, troubleshoot technology, manage the office and bill for services. Pressure mounts as they face the complexities of complying with insurance billing standards. Claimsare prepared, submittedand toooften, denied. Your staff spends too much time chasing payments, income never seems to be where it should be, and your frustration grows fighting for the money that should be yours. Perhaps you have lost valued staff due to the pressures, or let someone go who could not keep up...and in the worst case, lost revenue from dissatisfied patients. The world of billing and collection from government and private insurances has become increasingly challenging. Staying abreast of changes in compliance regulations is now a full-time job.

The real cost of doing your own billing includes the obvious: salary, benefits, taxes, insurance, etc. Consider these hidden costs - office space, technology, postage, lost time managing your staff plus lost and unpaid claims. Does any of this ring a bell? If so, CSI Medical Billing can help.